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Commercial photography is photographic work done for commercial purposes, such as for magazine advertising, corporate publications, brochures, restaurant menus, etc. On a basic level, commercial photography involves a client that wants to sell or promote something for which they need photographs taken.

We are located in Newport Beach, Orange County, California. Our services also covers San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura county, San Francisco and Sacramento.

We have built the reputation to be a reliable source for creative and professional quality Commercial and Advertising Photography.

With extensive experience in catalogue and brochure photography and whether in the studio or on location, we specialize in providing professional creative photography and digital images for brochures, catalogues, mailers, advertising, point of sale, web sites and exhibition display graphics.

Studio or on location, we have years of experience in furniture and room set photography as well as product, lifestyle, retail, automotive, jewelry and electronics. We are fully trained in the latest digital retouching techniques ensuring the results are color accurate and finished images are ready for print or the web

We have been working with our clients and Advertising Agencies for over twenty years, and our attention to quality and detail has allowed us to consistently provide exceptional service, on time and on budget.

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